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I am having rash like om forehead of my penis,what is that?

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Marvell 13 Nov 2011

It's hard to say what this rash could be but I would suggest that you see your doctor.

litlmommag 16 Nov 2011

Givyjonasi it depend does it itch,is it swallen,is it red,white bumps? See a dr don't be embarresed they've seen it all then some. Jaime

Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hi, & welcome to the site givyjonasi. Are you possibly diabetic? Diabetics have a tendency to have trouble in this area from too much yeast on the skin & it being in a warm damp area. You also don't have to be diabetic to have this, it was just a thought that immediately popped into my head as my hubby has had the same problem & he is a diabetic, & doctor told him it is quite common. It would be best tho' as the others have suggested to have this checked out by a doctor as you don't give much history, or if you are circumsized or not. This would make a difference, If it's a rash from a yeast infection, it is easily treatably with a prescription cream. Best of luck to you... free discount card

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