My pain doc seems totally obsessed with keeping me on the fentanyl patch. Don't get me wrong, it does a really good job at relieving my pain, however, I've had problems with it from the beginning. First, they don't last even 48 hours for me, and to fix this, he kept increasing my dosage over and over. I've gone from 12.5 to 75, everytime with the same problem. Second, they cause me a lot of anxiety, for which my doc prescribes me valium. And I don't like the idea of taking 2 addictive meds. So with all these problems, you'd think the best solution would be to switch me to another med. I have begged him to switch me to oxycontin, which I have taken in the past, but my tolerance is so damn high from all the fentanyl increases he has given me, that it takes about 80mg every 4 hours to keep my pain under control. And he says he's not comfortable prescribing me this much. Of course with some decent breakthru meds, it might not be so much.

Does this seem reasonable? It just doesn't make much sense to me, but maybe I'm missing something. He's now referring me to another pain doc for a second opinion. I don't know if this will fix anything, but oh well. I just get so sick of not getting any say of what goes into my own body!