I also take suboxone,benazapril hctz ,albuterol and symbicort.Herbs are black cohosh and soy for menapause.I had thought before taking the suboxone when was abusing drugs that the leg pain was from withdrawls after running out of pain killers and now I think it was from over loadng my liver with pills when I had big amounts and causing my liver not to distibute my nutients properly cause now theres severe leg cramps howevere there not accompanied with bone painwhch is caused from opiate withdrawl.I do not lack potassium however myintake of caffine is pretty high.I have been drinkng alot of gatorade.and water and also eating salt out of my hand here lately.I read somewhere pristiq will rob your system of sodum.I like my meds they serve the purpose for which they are prescibed but these cramps cripple me I almost called a ambulance a whle ago I cant move when they start and they seem to really not have any certain place hands ribs legs my whole body feels like a muscle spasm waitng to happen.very uncomfortable.my liver is in pretty bad shape. Ive had hepc for ten years also. help!After I qut taking the pain killers for awile the cramps stopped.but since I changed meds from welbutrn to prstiq they havecame back also I did have a bottle of wne to days in a row whle shelling peas. just for somethng different.I dont drink normally,I quit about three years ago.