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I am have suregry,going under when I on suboxone,buprenorphine?

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Inactive 2 Oct 2010

You need to let ur subs dr know as the subs will block all opiate pain meds and the surgeon, and the anesthesist. There are special ways subs patients r put 2 sleep and you need a plan so ur pain meds will work.

theoldman 6 Oct 2010

great,thanks for that i will talk to them; what pain the best with subs?

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

NON opiates, supposedly there is a special way 2 get pain meds 2 work on subs patients, Time is of the essence u need to let all 3 drs. know TODAY! u may need special care to b put to sleep and possibly switched to subutex or pulled off subs b4 surgery. please call all 3 drs today. free discount card

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