... scared at the same time, and I guess thats from reading all the questions and answers on this site. What I did take away from this forum is that everyone is different so doseage, frequency, is not the same for everyone. I am currently taking mscontin and oxycodone, and of course abuse both, for about 3 years now. I just tired of playing the game with doctors, lying and worrying about where to get pills every day week and month. The doctor mentioned taking subox 3 times a day to start, he didnt mention how much, I assume its 8mg but we'll see. He also mentioned to wait 36 hours from my last dose of morphine to start the subox, I guess you have to be in the beginning or moderate stages of withdrawel or you'll have problems. I can do that, not looking forward to it, but am ready. I'd really like to stay on suboxone for the shortest amout of time possible without suffering much. I am on disability now but have to be back at work within the next 12 weeks. I'm not worried about relapsing, I started taking morphine for pain and I'll deal with that later, just need to get off these drugs. So the point I was trying to make is I am taking these drugs now because I have to because of the physical addiction, or I'd just stop. Any help or guideance is appreciated.

Tom P