I am going through withdrawals from Fentanyl and wondering how long they will last. I was taking 2-100 mg every two days (have never abused it) but 4 - 5 yrs is too long and felt it was time to quit cold turkey. Needless to say I made it 4 days. Until yesterday at noon and when I couldn't take the withdrawals and pain anymore I put on one of the 100 mg patches, so at least I've cut my dose in half. I'm still having lots of cold/hot sweats, I'm still in pain, but its bearable. How long will the withdrawal symptoms last? Also once they do go away when would the best time be to start weining down to 75, then 50, etc... and how far apart should I space them? Has anyone else tried detoxing from Fentanyl before? What alternatives are there when not wanting to take narcotics???