it is really difficult to get off. I have been on 120mg for many years!! It's not helping me that I can tell, otherwise why would the doctor put me all the way up to 120? I DO NOT, PLEASE want to hear any horror stories, PLeASE, because I do not want to own them. I know that it has a very short half-life of about 12 hours. Please, any help not horror stories, but real help in getting off of this drug.

My doctor is giving me 90mg for two weeks, and then 60mg for two weeks, then 30mg for two weeks, and then none. I don't know if that is too fast, (six weeks), or if that is doable. I already know (day one) that I got several panic attacks and a bad headache today. I talked to the pharmacist and he said that it should be ok, but anxiousness and headaches are part of w/d. I had to take an extra clonazapam this PM. I'm really trying to make this work. I can't believe that I am writing asking for help, and it hasn't even been 24 hours. It is bedtime for me, and I'm getting another panic attack, and I just missed 30 mg. I don't want to psych myself into this! I have already taken my nightly clonazapam of 1mg., so I shouldn't be having a panic attack, therefore I am psyching myself out!!! BAD ME!!!

Thanks everyone for your support, because I am going to need it for the next six weeks or more.

PS: If Cymbalta is supposed to help with chronic pain and fibro, do you think that I will be in more pain?