... taper I've found. I am just concerned about one major thing... Relapse. I don't want opiates, but will that change when I detox completely off subs? I imagine after a 2 yr heroin habit, approx 8 yrs of methadone and now 18 mths of suboxone I've had enough. I pray I keep all of the bad things in mind if I start to stray. I feel like I'm cheating myself as long as i'm on something so I'm looking for support here b/c I can't get to meetings w/ a baby right now. So any positive feedbback is greatly appreciated. Did u guys start craving opiates after detoxing? It was expalined to me that my brain doesn't produce the natural opiate that we all need for pain and things like motivation. Will I feel down and out for a while? I have kidney stones and ovarian cysts which may require pain meds... should I take them? Okay well I guess that's a lot of questions, but I'm not getting answers from my doc. Is there a drug that counteracts naloxone if I need pain meds? thanks sorry so long