... My last drink was 4 days ago. Today I slept till 4am then had a hot shower and passed out again. I dont have any mussle spasm and restless legs whats so ever. The only thing I feel is extreme sweating. Thats pritty much it. Just to note I didint even take clonidine before I went to bed. As an advice to anyone who want to get out of this physical slavery!

Taper down depending on your own body. But usualy people taper from 100 mils and up-10 mils a week. Starting from 45mils lower 5mils a week. But remember you have to feel your body yourself. If you see you are too sick(having restless legs,agony etc) Figure out the ways with your doc. And at the same time if you eat right, you are young, used meth no longer then 3-4 years and you see that your body gets adapted faster then 7 days. Tell your docotor to make 45 for example until thursday and 40 after after. Dont let your doctor figure out how fast you should lower. Because I dont know in States but in Canada doctors are not really interested that you quit. They want there money. Thats why they are always so happy to raise your dose. Me personally I went from 35 mils to 0 in about a month and half. Sounds like a long time. But Its VERY short. My case was a little unique. I was cutting my dose 5 mills every two days. Up to 12 Mils. Thats when it slowed down. every two days I was lowering like 3 mills at a time. It is very importent to expect some sickness. Me personally I couldnt take restless legs at night. So sweating yawning didnt really bother me much as long as I could sleep at night. It is Very importent to eat RIGHT. Dont eat red meat! as its promoting more pain in your mussles. Eat ALOTS of protein(fish, chicken,duck,), fibers, fruits, vegetables. If you have hard time eating, drink shakes, multivitamines. And I am dead serious when you eat right everyday, you will notice that you feel so much better after you ate. And feel so shit when you are hungry. Also its very importent to have psysical activity. Even if you have no energy just do push ups, or walking. Actualy its winter now, it feels really shit outside BUT its actualy makes your mussle shorten, and promotes opiat receptors in your body to start working again. How to Kill anxiety? Gym, sauna, hot shower,sex(right hand whichever works:) ) Are great tools to kill the anxiety and relax your mussles. From chemicals. I would recommend clonidine. As its the only thing I used, and find it very helpfull if you cant fall asleep. If you feel like after you done your shower, exercise, and took a clonidine and you still have restless legs, means you lowered too fast. But dont get confused. Its ALOTS in your head. When I was using, I was hearing these things its all in your head etc I was getting mad(thinking you stupid idiots dont understand anything) But its actually is a fact. Its VERY importent to keep yourself occupied. Dont sit in your room while withdrawing. As its gonna bring you to the point where you feel like you dont know what else to do, running from one corner to another raising your anxiety and chance to relapse. Its very importen to do something different then you did when you used. As its gonna show like a new begining for you. Find new interest, what ever it is. Plan your day from the evening. For example I wasnt working so I had so much time free when was withdrawing(and still do) So plan something like that. I run in the morning, then go home cook breakfast, then chill, then go to gym, take a shower. Then start cooking dinner. After dinner chill, then go to sauna. When come back smoke a spliff, watch a movie prepare for bed. Thats an example of a very lazy person! :) If you find yourself feel anxious, cant sit still, Just go outside walk for a bit. U will get frozen, and when you come back you will be far more relaxed. Also its very importent to have notebook. Where you can clearly express your feelings at this moment. Also its also importen to write down all the negatives and positives of using(usualy there is not positives) Write down your worth withdrawal, how it felt. Write down what kind of person you want to become. Its importen to have short term goals while withdrawing. For example by the end of this week I will be on 30 mils then after you are done, write down the exact things you want to achive. MAKE em achivable, dont write something you cant do yet. Its very importent after you quit. To find new interest or hobby as soon as you can. As its gonna show you new begining, and keep your mind happy and occupied with a new interest. It could be ANYTHING. If you feel like using again Just take your notebook And read what you actually felt and how painfull it was. Its very importent to write it down, because through time your body forgets how painfull it is. Also expect any brainflipps and temptetions. Just take em with a smile and just say to yourself its just a test to see how strong I am, And just say no! you wont suck me in this painfull slavery again! Helps to think that its just devil talking throught another person(if someone asks you to use) Also importent to cut your "friends" so called u used with, and delete the numbers of dealers. You cant run away from them all ur life, you have to learn how to say"no" I am stronger and smarter then that! But at the early stages while your body and mind weak, it might be hard so dont try. I almost relapsed that way! Also helps to feel sad for those people who are still on. Just think of them as slaves of there own body! Learn to hate your drug. Find things that are negative(shouldnt be hard) and I am sure you wont find any positive other then running away from your own self, (which is NOT positive)! I really hope this helps. I dont think I am gonna have time to help people on a forum. So people who helped me before(christine, mpvt, chacne4real life) If you find this info usefull Fill it with your own ideas and make like ecouregment for other people) Thank you so much for all the advice These guys REALLY CARE. So if any Q. ask em, they will be happy to answer. So am I, if you dont mind. Good luck with fighting evil, And take care of yourself. Remember relapse is very common. And its SO much more harder to quit second time. Also if you use even once! after you quit. It will make you addicted the same way as you have been. Even worse. And you r gonna have much less willpower. Make sure you are READY to quit. But it doesnt mean you have to find excuses for yourself not to quit! Good luck!