... diagnosed as having obsessive compulsive disorder I am having a very hard time making my medicene last all month and I am so confused!I dont want to get high! I just want to maintain some type of decent pain relief .however my pain is not always the same. and I have worked my way up to 60mgs of oxycontin twice a day and 7.5 hydro 3 times a day and decided I was gonna come off so I went to my doctor and explained the 60mgs were to strong and I didnt lke the effect and we decided I would come back down to 40mgs w/7.5 btp.now this was not happening quick enough for me, as we hit some tech problems in between so I jumped up and went and signed myself into med detox as I am also facing two knee surgerys and would like to come off all together before this happens so it will be there for me when I have my surgery. well when I got to detox and told the doctor I had taken little pieces of suboxone I had aquired and they worked great and I wanted to be put on this medicene, and explained about my situation well I didnt know anything about the suboxone except it was used to take people off of oxycontin I assumed it was non opiate as my "friend"seemed to be doing well I was impressed as his life had truely turned around . well needless to say a series of events havetaken place and I after 17 days of suboxone am back on my oxycontin . I did quite abit of research on suboxone and found out that the buprenorephine is one of the "strongest opiates" in the medical feild in the world today, and also is about "40 times stronger" than oxycontin so that right there let me know I I had jumped out of the pan into the fire and had once again turned myself into a guinea pig at no cost to this pharmasutical company.I read I would be better off coming off ocs by the route I had taken earlier, and here I am down to 20mgs of ocs however I jumped from 24mgs suboxone to 20mgs oc and I am very uncomfortable MY head is killing me and also my back feels as if there is a knife in it is any one else in this boat?