... month later he "dismissed" me because I got narcotics from the dr. that treated my jaw pain. Since I was in withdrawal and didn't know what to do I entered a mmt program, thinking it would help my pain. At 95mg it only works about 5 hours. I don't know what to do, my pain is driving me crazy. I called my pcp, my psych dr, and one pain clinic. When they all heard "methadone" they didn't want to help or get involved.
I have been in this clinic for 6 weeks and can no longer tolerate the pain. It caught up with me. I quit eating, drinking, driving and gave up on life. The clinic is an hour away, my husband reluctantly drives me. Last week I was in the hospital. Yesterday my home health nurse read my bp as 68/40, pulse 121. I have to go to my pcp again tomorrow. No one will help me. I just want to crawl in that dark hole forever. Sable