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I am currently withdrawing from heroin cold turkey. Is there anything that will help?

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oliver_1234 8 May 2012

Kicking Heroin is scary for the first 24 hours so I hope you have a friend or family member helping you for at least the first few days. Take a week off work and get it done. I am not a doctor, but i have kicked heroin 3 times, and i can tell you what helped me.

1.) Half of a soma (muscle relaxer). This will calm your muscles to help with the kicking of the legs.
2.) Or a sleep aid. You are a lucky bastard if you are able to sleep through the worst of it which is the first 24 hours.
3.) Or a small amount of Xanax. (0.5mg). This will calm your mind so that you do not panic and go pick up.
4.) Walking helps. Do not be afraid to pace your house all night. It will make you feel better.
6.) Accupunture after the first few detox days will help flush your system and overall give you some energy.
7.) Keep taking showers.
8..) Keep a happy movie on.
9..) Talking about your symptoms. Talk it out.
10.) Put yourself on a one-way flight to some where tropical if all else fails. :)

good luck my man. Don't be scared. Just get through the first 24 hours and it is all down hill from there. free discount card

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