at this point I'm supposedly weened to 1 per day, he thinks. I have a new doc who gave me what actually works and doesnt make me sick or give me nasty side effects ... I am now on oxycodone 30mg 4x daily like I always was and the doc who switched me to oxycontin and now is weening me is an ass and I have a new doc and this will be my last visit with this doctor who is a jackass... when I am tested is it going to be specific or will it just show I have oxycontin/oxycodone in my system. I have been taking this oxycodone for like 3 years... same dosage. I have been told they are basicly the same drug. SO my question is basicly... am I going to pass the test with what needs to show up? ( Cats Meow, I hope u read this... you really know what you are talkin' about :) ) My Appointment is MONDAY 3/15 and I have one oxycontin left to take that morning.