I am currently on 130 mg/day of methadone, because after 4 years of opiate abuse, mainly heroin and oxy contin, I was too terrified to come off/STAY OFF heroin on my own. I had tried suboxone, and it didn't keep me OFF the heroin. But I had heard of methadone and wanted to try it. The thing is, the physical withdrawals were something I could handle because I have an awesome psychiatrist who actually already prescribes me 60 mg of Valium a day, and .04 of clonidine a day, along with a bunch of sleeping aids (ambien, trazadone, saphris) and an anti depressent (cymbalta), so i could have easily dealt with the 4-5 days of opiate withdrawal, but decided that I needed something to keep me OFF opiates for good, because 4 years of opiate abuse was enough for me. Anyways, I basically got tricked by the clinic into staying on the methadone like, for the next 3 1/2 years, because at first they said that I could detox by 5mg/week, but then they said that the FDA changed the rules, and said that I could only be tapered down by THREE MILIGRAMS A MONTH. That would take me 3 1/2 years, plus my parents would have to shelv out TONS of money. So, I wanted to get AHCCCS (which I ended up qualifying for), so I could join a public methadone clinic, the Hope Center of Tucson. My therapist had worked there in the 70's and 80's, and said the clinic is great... the best public clinic in tucson. The reason I changed is because they can taper me off as much as 10 mg/week, but at first ill probably want to go down 5 mg/a week. I could definitly handle being tapered off for six months, but not 3 1/2 years.
Also, I know I already have a prescription for Valium and Clonidine, but the clinic also write prescriptions for valium and clonidine, so id be getting like double the amount, not that I need it, because like I said, my psyc said he would be willing to prescribe whatever I need to safely taper off the methadone. I just want to be OFF the methadone ASAP. He had to double my dose of Valium because my anxiety attacks got so bad. I just need some comfort that I CAN and WILL get off the methadone safely and at a reasonable detox time. 3 1/2 years is absolutely ridiculous, and my therapist and psychiatrist agree. SOMEONE OUT THERE, PLEASE TELL ME THAT I CAN DO IT. I have so much support, my psychiatrist, my therapist, my Narcotics Annonymous meetings/my friends at NA, and my journal, which I write in daily. Also, I have this website, which I try to read daily, and read the supportive information on it. In January, I will be changing from the evil private clinic, to the public clinic. I will be okay, I Just need to keep telling myself that. If anyone can comfort me, I would greatly appreciate it. HELP???