... one a day in two half tablet doses (presently). My pharmacist has recommended norco because it has less TYLENOL, but gives better pain relief for less of a dose. I was in a auto accident in Feb. 09 and have permanent(?) These were the items listed in my accident report: Posterior horn tear of the meniscus, damage to small cutaneous nerves, cerebellar ataxia, etc. Future right knee surgery was recommended in the form of a arthroscopic procedure. Chronic knee pain, hypersensitive issues below both knees, soft tissue damage in both legs, mostly below the knees. Benign Positional Vertigo, etc. 1982 skiing accident and the injuries once thought healed have reawakened, steel plate from my left knee to the top of my ankle. Pain and spasms around the break (above the ankle but below the top of the ski boot). Would NORCO vs VICODIN be a viable alternative. If I could take less of a prescription pain killer vs more for the same relief would be preferred. I also take TYLENOL or ALEVE when I have to drive. I am also taking blood pressure and cholesterol medications.