So because i have been on this stupid methadone now for the past three days... my first dose at 30mg then 40 then 50 yesterday... we all know exactly what this crap does to us, so in turn, im very tired, exhausted... etc... n i thot i had till 1030 to get there today... Nope, the gdam clinic closes at 930... what bullshit... Im done, i completly give up... its no freaking wonder people use herion and other drugs, n overdose on a daily basis... I am now just expected to go the next 2 1/2 days without anything what so ever... ''realy'''... not guna happen... Yes i understand more than u could know, its my own fault for not gettin up bright n early, when i last looked at my papers tho, i thought it said 1030, why wouldnt it... how can they b open 6 ta 11 on weekdays, then only 630 ta 930 on weekends... wow... whatever... im not getin the kinda support i was curious of anyways... i read up on so many other storys, n this ones realy worried about this one, n oh no, how hav u been... me... i hav got nothing... i told my story, n even explained i was guna make the phone calls, which i did, now that im on this stupid crap, i want right back off again... i mean atleast with the street drugs, i new when i was getting sumthing again and i new when i would feel better... Now, 2 1/2 days i gota wait... no freaking thx... for real..if i can wait that long, then so be it... i never wanted to be on this in the 1st place... n i cnt even take anything else, not only bc it will not wrk, but it will freaking kill me... so, best of luck to me i guess... im totally lost n completly at the end of my road with nothing left to do... hope everyone has a wonderful day... n weekend as well... im shure i wnt, i'll b the one curled up in a ball in the corner, trying to die... no one will see me anyways... to each there own... right???