I take to B-12 every 2 weeks, I can not go. Anyway when I get the shots in about 2 or 3 days I am agitated , extremely angery (for NOTHING), my heart races, hysterical, paranoid-you make it.
I have asked my Dr. the Phar. and looked on the internet- all says that this is NOT a side effect.
I have tried to eat fortified cereal, take B-12 sublig. drink Boost, in order that I can get up and function. These help just a little. I am now walking with a walking cane and I don't thing I that old.

PLUS - when I am setting down, I will feel fine- thinking WELL this is all pasted NOW I can get up and go about my day.
ONLY to find- that the weakness in legs is back and the weakness travels up and up. I have a hard time getting a shower, my arms are so heavy. My feet become numb also

I said all the above, to ask is this normal when B-12 deficient.

I have been getting the shots now for 2 years, I thought I would be able to go for a month. However I can make it.

It is scary because I known that damage can be done when you get to low on B-12.
Then I'm scared because I become so mean (I don't want to be this way) it's not me.

It took my husband and myself several years to put together the B-12 shot and the horrible person that would become, even at my Bible study friends.

I have stopped going, (1) I don't have the energy (2) I'm HORRIBLE after the shot, which by the way only last 4 days or so.

Sorry to be so wordee, but I am needing help. This has almost cost me my marriage of 41 years.