I was diagnosed with Grave's last June. My thyroid levels were T4 free=4.1, T3 free10.6. Thyroglobulin Antibodies 113 Thyroid Peroxidase 210. Dr. prescribed Methimazole 20mg once daily and Propranolol every 6 hours as needed( this I am taking so far only once per day). He said these meds will help to regulate levels, then we'll decide what to do if RAI or any other tratment. Started meds on June 16 and I have not feel any changes, I have to go for lab works on July 28th. Then I will see Dr. in Sept. Is this normal? Isn't it too long of a wait to see my Dr.? Why does it takes too long for Methimazole to start working? I have days were I feel sad all day. Is this caused by any of these two meds? I had lost 42 pounds. After starting this treatment Am I going to keep loosing weight? Sorry, I know I have million questions, but it is a little frustraiting for me to feel all this. Thanks