I am 24 and have had moderate to severe pelvic pain for as long as I can remember, in fact untill recently I thought it was normal to experiance some kind of pain everyday! I find this sad. I have had multiple ovarian cysts 3 of which have been complex I had surgery finally last june to remove one of those started out 2.2cm but grew to 3.3cm in 5 weeks so they removed my mirena (they thought it was making it worse) and scheduled the surgery when they went in they found it had ruptured but I had an overwhelming amount of adheasions everywhere! My ovaries were adheard to my pelvic wall so the dr removed the adheasions and put a dissolving mesh netting in to keep from returning but 6 months later they were back and so were the cysts the most recent they found a week ago I went in cuz I have been having more pain than normal and I hadnt got my period since march 31st? The ultrasound resultsay " 4 cm complex cyst on left ovary with low internal echoes (no idea what this mean btw), cystic areas and internal septation." also says I have a cervical cyst but its TINY 9 mm. I am just so lost anymore and feel like I am becoming more and more depressed from being in constant pain and it effecting my life so much. The dr said after it all started returning after the surgery that the only real option left besides lupron ( which I refuse to take) is to have everything besides the ovaries removed but I am still likely to get ovarian cysts and there go my chances of having another child. Please any advice or support would be such a blessing!