I have been addicted for 6 years. My husband has multiple chronic pain complaints and I started experimenting with his medication and got addicted gradually, stupidly, without realizing what I was doing. My son also started taking the occasional pill unknown to us, and continued as an adult and found himself addicted several years later. He is 15 days clean with the Thomas recipe. I am proud of him! But my question is this: Will I be able to function after 4 days? I have to work. I take one 100 mg. morphine pill and 2-10mg. Lortabs a day. When the meds start running low and I am in danger of depriving my husband of the medication he needs I stick on one of his 100 mg Fentanyl patches and it lasts for 2 1/2 days. I run him short of his meds every month and I am sick of taking them from him, I am ashamed it has come so far. I take only what I need to be free of WD symptoms. I have tried to quit and never get past the first day. Does this sound like a big addiction? Will I be able to do it quick? It seems like so few pills and I never get any good feelings any more, just relief from WD. My personality has changed and I am always a b*tch because I always am on the verge of WD. I am in good health except for high blood pressure which is under good control with medication.