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I am allergic to synthetic opiates. would subutex be safe?

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skefauver 7 Feb 2011

Buprenorphine aka Subutex is a synthetic opiate agonist medication. How allergic are you do you itch really bad and get hives? are you having withdrawals? Subutex is just Buprenorphine. Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone which is an opiate blocker so you can't abuse opiates when it's in your system. but I believe they are synthetic opiates. I would not take it if you have severe allergies to them. If you are in withdrawals and are trying to avoid opiates all together I would recommend any sort of benzodiazepines to help with the discomfort. Klonopin, ativan, xanax, etc. Those always helped me with the restless legs and raised blood pressure. I hope this helps you I wasn't sure because I don't know how badly you're allergic or what is going on. best of luck to you I hope you are ok.

gretigirl 7 Feb 2011

thank you very much for your prompt response, it's actually my boyfriend dealing with this addiction for the first time. i've battled over the years and can take suboxone but he says he cannot. only things like morphine (dilaudid etc.). he also won't see a doc for outpatient detox either, i am expected to somehow help with this. he spent a long time being really sick coming off benzos after around 10 years & insists he'd prefer death to any withdrawal after that so i'm just trying to find any way to help him (unreasonable as he may be) so any other suggestions would be welcome and greatly appreciated. it's hard enough without such limitations as well as refusal to take the initiative and/or do the work to help himself.(he still has some benzos as well as precription sleeping pills but that apparently isn't enough) i need all the prayers, luck and suggestions i can get asap. thank you again, you've already been very helpful and i hope your road to recovery leads you to the beautiful life you deserve.

skefauver 7 Feb 2011

oh dear thats not good I wish you guys the best of luck um has he ever tried Neurontin, lyrica, clonidine or zofran because I know those can sometimes help curb the sickness. I would really recommend seeing a doctor or going to the er.You should do some research online for some alternative remedies to suboxone and benzos I know there's really not a lot that can help but I would look into it and try to see a doctor. Stay by his side and if you can, and just be there at all times for help and comfort, there is a lotion called dream silk comfort cream the brand is earth therapeutics it has valerian root and lavender and helps with muscles. when i didn't have anything my mom would rub my legs and back with it until I'd finally fall asleep . I'm sorry I cant be more helpful. Imodium will help too with the stomach. Get apple juice and gatorade. Have ibuprofen, valerian root, St.

Inactive 7 Feb 2011

I certainly don't want to offend you here at all, but I want to offer another scenario. Your boyfriend says he wants to quit opiates, but he really doesn't want to. That is a broad statement to say one is allergic to all synthetics and it also gives him an excuse not to try it. None of us want withdrawal, but that is not the choice we get when we quit any addictive substance. I know text can be cruel and I promise I am not trying to be, just read bad over your post and comment and you will probably at least see my point, even if you don't agree with it. He won't do detox, says he is allergic to synthetics, says he wants to be off benzos, but has an rx for benzo. Girl, I fear he is not ready to be off, and you really can't make someone quit something they don't want to quit, sadly. If he really wanted to quit, he would at least try the subutex. If he has never tried it, he can NOT say he is allergic to it.

Inactive 7 Feb 2011

should say, just read back over, not bad

koomba2 7 Feb 2011

Unfortunately, I was thinking the same exact things Patti has said. It sounds like he's making excuses. I also have never heard of anyone having an adverse reaction to subutex. That is usually the go-to for the people who can't take suboxone. I really do wish you the best of luck, as my boyfriend & I recently got clean together. It's not easy to do and you guys need to be on the same team for it to happen or you'll end up resenting each other. Nobody WANTS to withdrawal, but you're either ready to quit and endure some uncomfortability, or you're not.. that's something you might want to talk to him about. Best wishes.

LaurieShay 7 Feb 2011

Hey gretigirl,

Getting a better understanding of what he is allergic to would be helpful. He is allergic to synthetic opiates but can take morophine and diluadid (which is a synthetic opiate), doesn't quite make sense? Have I miss understood you? Hard to say whether subutex would be a problem without fully understanding the allergy.

I recommend you get a doctor's advice, if you can convince your boyfriend to go. Is he still using? Is he in withdrawls now?

Please stay strong and take care of yourself. You may benefit from some Narcotics Anonymous meetings or Alanon. Have you ever tried them?

Keep in touch and let us know how we can help,


nmnolan 14 Feb 2011

I completely understand the allergy. You have to be in recovery to know how it works. There are many places you can get information from; however, there is no substitute for a doctor. I pray that God gives you the endurance to make it thru a tough road; however, after a year it will be so much better. free discount card

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