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I am allergic to morphine, demerol and darvocet. What medication can I use for post-surgical pain m?

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LaurieShay 4 Feb 2011

The one that comes to mind is tramadol (ultram). It is a synthetic narcotic-like medicine that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It comes in a immediate release for acute pain and sustained release for chronic pain.

Hope this helps and please talk to a pharmacist and of course your doctor before acting on these recommendations.


christineATU 5 Feb 2011

Good advice Laurie. Post surgical pain is considered acute, not expected to last long. Therefore, a med like tramadol may be best. It's meant for short term use and works quite well on pain.

christineATU 5 Feb 2011

fearful, Darvocet was discontinued because of the damage it can cause the heart. The other meds you mentioned are for chronic pain, not post surgical pain. Laurie's suggestion was very good! Depending on the type of surgery, sometimes even prescription strength Ibuprofen may help. I hope the surgery goes well for you. Be sure to let all the doc's know, especially the anethstesiologist, all allergies you have.
best wishes,

fearful 7 Feb 2011

The fact sheet that came w/ my Tramadol Rx said not to take if allergic to
morphine. That's what started my search and questioning but thanks anyway.

LaurieShay 8 Feb 2011

Sorry, if I think of something else I'll contact you.

LaurieShay 18 Feb 2011

Hey fearful,
Here is a suggestion of a nonnarcotic pain reliever. Check out Prialt. Plug it into the drug finder and read about it.


JMCI 14 Feb 2012

I am allergic to all the pain meds too and had a severe reaction to morphine (caused excruciating pain). I have been fearful about taking pain meds too. I take Ultram and have been ok so far. I try not to take much, but have been able to use it for several years! For me, easing neck/back pain, is worth the risk! free discount card

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