... this... am scared to death. I take 20 (10mg) tabs/day. Have been addicted for 8-10 yrs. w/ dosage increasing frequently, hence, 20 pills/day is my amt. now. My question is "what is defined as mild-moderate w/d before taking 1st dosage of sub?". I have come off before--tapering and it was still quite awful... CNS symptoms, rhinitis, diarrhea. The diarrhea and rhinitis hung around for over a month... and, of course, the cravings. I am interested in sub to help minimize the cravings which is the reason I went back on the HC. I have been doctor shopping. With the new PCMP starting in FL in Sept., I am scared to death of being "caught.". I am a health care professional and can lose my license. I MUST quit... but I need help. I have already made an appointment with an addiction counselor for Friday and am trying to get in with a "recommended" doc to prescribe the Sub. I do not want to switch my addiction from one substance to another... but this seems like a drug that might help me--- especially with the cravings. My goal is to be able to also wean myself off of the sub in the future??? I am sooo leary (sp) of having to go into that "mild" to "moderate" w/d before starting the sub. Can anyone out there help me?? This is my very first post... and quite honestly, the first "person" other than a counselor to whom I have admitted this. I feel so ashamed. Please help
I have also looked into and am considering rapid detox--- reputable place in Michigan for a lower price--- $8700 vs. $15-20K... but then there is the problem of the "cravings." I feel so "weak" and so much like a "baby.". But
I equate the sub method with smokers using Chantix to stop smoking--- occupying the same receptor site, therefore "fooling" the brain into thinking that the need has been satisfied. Again, I do not want to be on sub long-term. Maybe I am just naive but I feel the longer my brain is "fooled" the greater it will be to diminish the cravings??? Am I naive here or am I thinking correctly.
I anxiously wait for a reply from some of you out there... thanks in advance!!