... medication. first my dosing was off and then my dr moved and i had to find a new one (not an easy thing to do at all) then to top that off my addictionologist moved . he gave me some great advice over the past 5 years and one thing he told me was to take an extra 1/2 suboxone only when i get extremely anxious i have only had to do this a few times over the years but now i am afraid that my new dr will see me as not trying to recover. and will be upset if i run out of my med early. i have worked too hard for my sobriety for it to be pushed back now. i have tried to detox myself off of suboxone several times and have worse withdrawls than i did with the lortabs i am just very frustrated with this medicine and the situation!!! does any one have any advice on if they have ever been told to do this for anxiety and if i should mention this to my new dr or not??? and how long has others been on suboxone and any secrets to coming off this crazy med!!!