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I am a social drinker and now percribed fyntonal patch anyone have imput?

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janetcole49 25 Nov 2009

Hi... I was a heavy drinker and just quit drinking (not intentionally) on my own August, 2008 due to heavy narcotics, I suppose. I have been on the Fentanyl patch for two or three months now and am now up to 75 mcg and changing my patch every 48 hours. It has helped greatly. I'm not sure I understand what your question is... are you asking the impact of drinking and being on Fentanyl and side effects? I can't answer since I don't drink anymore... I also lost 55 pounds since I quit drinking... that's enough for me.

barbles2413 27 Nov 2009

Drinking with any narcodic is not recomended. I have a glass of wine every night. I think excessive drinking would not be a good thing ad well as a dangerous thing as it could intensify the effectiness of the drug

Psychmajor 27 Nov 2009

correction it WILL intensify it by multiplying the effects of the alc and fent. a glass of wine is actualy healthy for your heart (red wine specificaly) and a beer probably wouldnt cause problems but not a good idea still. (unfortunatly fent is quite strong so im not sure exactly how much stronger it can get before its a toxic dose)

barbles2413 27 Nov 2009

IYou are right I didn't word it right. Sometimes a side effect of my meds. I loose my words and sometimes can't get the right words. Thanks for clarifying that . Let me say that you have been a great help to me with your answers to mine as well as others thanks for that free discount card

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