okay . so heres the deal. I am currently on adderall xr 20 mg for Add. Ive been taking if for about 3 months now. well the first few days i took i felt great! I felt like that was all i needed to solve all my problems! but as the days went by that feeling faded quickly.. and left me with a anxious, and sometimes depressed feeling, that leaves me wanting more. but my focus has increased tenfold!! but i just cant seem to stop craving " a different feeling". even before i took adderall i always wanted that "differnt feeling" . just because i never seem to feel good or happy. I even have turned to smoking and even asking other poeple for their medincine , because im so desprate to feel something new. Ii constantly worry about things , even if they have already been solved, and even worry about things that could happen and how i am scared that they will! I have always had this problem since i could remember (13 years old) . I just have always self medicated myself... but we all know that never worrks. I have recently talked to my docter about this anxiety over my feelings and he has recommended prozac. do you think i need it? If so how willl this help with my worrying problem and my outlook of everything being so negative?