Hey guys. My name is Amy. I'm 22 years old and I have been addicted to painkillers for the past 4 years. I just recently as of last week got accepted into a local Suboxone clinic, and thank God for that, because if not, I think eventually down the road, I would've ended up dead. I started off recreationally. A vicodin here... a percocet there... and then it started getting to the point where I needed more and more to get that high I was chasing, which lead to me becoming physically dependent and needing them just to function and get out of bed in the morning. My drug of choice was oxycontin. I would buy as many as I could afford and grate them up and snort them. When they came out with the new 'abuse proof' ones, I switched to 30 mg. percocets, which got me even worse. I was doing at least 150mg everyday, and once a month I would buy 10 30mg. pills and do them all in one night just to get high. All my friends are addicted to pills. They've all, sadly, started shooting them up now, so they're all worse of than me. That was the finally straw for me, I had to stop before I got on the needle like everyone else. Everything I owned was in the pawn shop, every bill was past due. My daughter was living with my mother because I couldnt take care of her, and also didn't want her around when I was using. My life was a wreck. Thank God for places like the Suboxone and Methadone clinics, or a lot of people wouldn't even be here. I was just wondering if anyone else agreed? Its becoming more and more common nowadays, everybody seems to either have done them or is doing them. Old lady's are selling their painkillers to get money for bills, and more and more people are becoming addicted. If anyone reads this, and is on the same road I was on, I urge you, please get some help, whether it's quitting cold turkey, or getting into a program like myself. Trust me, I know, this road leads to no where and if you think it's bad now, I promise it's going to get worse... I am 4 days clean today... and I feel amazing! I know it may not seem like much to some people that dont understand... but to me, 4 days is great! And the longest I've gone in 4 days without snorting a pill. If anyone ever needs any one to talk to, I want to be there and do anything I can to stop someone from going down this destructive road that I have been on. Good luck to everyone out there trying to quit, and it's hard at first, but I promise it gets easier!! :D