... manage chronic pain. For example; electrical stimulation, physical therapy, acupuncture, epidural blocks, etc. plus many meds. Now I find myself on Fentanyl patches, diazpam, hyrocodone ( for breakthrough pain), Neurontin and baclofen. I had 2 major surgeries last year and because of my tolerance, the amount of opoids used to control my pain was incredible. This can't be good for my overall health. I started to abuse the oral pain meds so did not get a prescription for those this last time. Next time I will ask that we decrease the Fentanyl patch (75mcg). I am surprised that the Pain group is not more concerned over the amount of drugs most of their patients are on. My question is should I seek out Drug Rehab or do this on my own slowly by decrasing doses? I realize I have become addicted to these meds. If I go to a drug rehab, they will probably cut out all addictive drugs and I will be left with nothing to cope with for a very painful condition. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The pain is tolerable at this point. A clear head is a positive thing.