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I am a man on Coumadin and am considering having a baby. Are there any genetic effects of the drug?

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itsmetoo2 29 Jan 2010

Being with child and being on Coumadia is living lifes on the line. Go to a clinic and discuss it with your doctor.

christy_r91317 6 Feb 2012

I've been taking warfarin ( the generic for Coumadin) for five years. My doctor told me not to get pregnant while taking it because it will cause birth defects.

DemoninDC 8 Feb 2012

There are no known issues regarding Coumadin and it effecting your genetics or a baby's genetics. The real question is why you are on Coumadin? If you have a genetic blood disorder and depending on your wife's genetic makeup you may or may not pass on your condition(s). You and your wife would need to see a Hematologist and a Geneticist to determine what effect your combined genetics would have on a baby. Best of luck on the family getting pregnant. free discount card

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