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I am a long term user of co-codamol, is this why I am constantly having headaches?

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cheny 19 Feb 2011

Hi there, i was also taking this and sufferd from headaches, when i askd my Dr he said it was to much for my body it was to strong and carryed a headache on for longer then normal and dehidrates you and thats when you get a sore head i had to stopfor a bit and take paracetimal and it really did work but soon it was back so i just had to keep doing the same as i was taking more for the pain each few weeks as i felt it was not as affective as before, drink plenty of water ans see if this also helps, how long have you been takeing co- codamol? and wot mg? i hope maybay you could cut down and there might be a diff? i wish you all the luck you should go see ur Dr about it as it could also be anything else, good luck

LaurieShay 19 Feb 2011

Hey gi,

Yes, headache is a possible side effect of co-codamol and should be reported to your doctor. Also, taking a pain killer too often or for too long can make the headache worse. Please consult your doctor as soon as possible. There are several conditions, whose symptoms are a headache, that can result from using co-codamol. Only your doctor can evaluate these possibilities.

Best of luck to you,


suzanne66 22 Feb 2011

You can develop a "rebound" headache from the overuse of analgesics.
You should talk to your doctor about other headache treatments eg.Triptans You may be best to take a preventative medication if your headaches are very frequent.

Brenda24 1 Jul 2011

i have recently been taking co-codamol for severe throat pain and infection. the co-codamol does help minimise the pain but not entirely.
however, i am eating tonnes at the moment - i don't know what's wrong with me. yet when i weigh myself on the scales, i am LOSING weight, about a lb every 2 days.
does the codeine in the co-codamol contribute to this? free discount card

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