... transplant medications are migraines and daily headaches. Fioricet with Codeine was prescribed 16 years ago for the migraines and headaches. I was up to 360 capsules a month, now down to 270 entirely on my own - no help from Docs. I can not seem to get lower and the Docs or Pharmacy will not help, in fact both the Doctor and Pharmacy said that going into withdrawal was not their problem. All they can talk about is it being a management problem, I need help, does anyone know of a reputable clinic that can help get me off this medication? I am taking amitriptyline for the migraines and it has helped reduce the frequency but leaves me with less energy and slows mental process "general foggyness" All in all I wish I didn't have to use any fioricet at all. I cannot seem to get below 10 to 12 pills per day. I quit smoking pot in my early twenties (I am 64 now) and it was MUCH EASIER than this. Any suggestions as to any way to lower daily intake would be welcome. Thanks from a new member.