on Morphene and increased the dose to match. My pain has increassed and I can't feel it at all, What is wrong? I have even cut pills in half and no diff. Why did Oxycontin work so well but Morphine not at all?
I would like to thank all who responded. To answer the questions I was taking 240mg of oxycodone ( the generic for oxycontin ), 3X80mg CR Tab every eight hours, for a total of nine (9) pills a day and with a small amount of break through 30mg IR oxycodone when needed my pain was controlled wonderfully and my life was great, I could do things again. Now, with the law suite from Perdu Pharma all the generic CR oxycodone has gone away and I was switched to 400mg of Morphine Sulfate ( 2X200mg CR Tab ) every eight hours, for a total of six (6) pills a day with the same break through med.

My pain scale has gone from a 4 to 7.5/8 all the time, and I can't feel the pain med at all anymore. All I have is pain with no control it seems. My Dr. will not write for Methadone he said he doesn't feel it's a stable drug. The formulary with my ins is pretty limited. Could it be that my liver just doesn't metabolize Morphine as well as Oxycodone?

And if thats the case, what can I do? This has lasted for over a year, my life sucks again, not sure how long I can take it.

Also could my Dr. have given me a suger pill script? And if he did how would I be able to tell other than the obvious, because for the last month I have had diarrhea and been sick @ my stomach and from time to time real shaky. The pills are oblong and greenish with ABG and 200 printed on them. Do you think the pharm would say if I asked, or is there a Dr. - Pharm code that would keep the truth hidden?