since then. I have an over abundance of stomach acid that was trying to eat the lining of it. I cannot eat anything except a bland, high fiber diet. My Dr. put me on Dexilant and Carafate. I can go 2 or 3 days without having a "stomach ache that feels like hot knives,in it. She prescribed me Ursodial, today. I also have a " Cocktail, that is a mixture of Maalox/ Belladonna Alk with Phenobarb/ Lidocaine, when the pain is so severe I am curled up in a ball with pain, These all work, except the Dexilant is starting to loose it's 24 hour time frame in the middle of the night. Dr. told me to take Previcid when this happens. I have had a sonogram " to rule out left over stones, and a scope U/GI." They say I do not have any stones, I think I do.. Is this the right course of treatment that I should be doing? Dexilant has terrible side effects, and I have to live my day and eating regimine between pills. I am normally a 5'3" 120 lbs, before Surgery, now with these meds I am 144 lbs, or more some times, is this normal??? The pain just comes out of the blue, anytime, any place, " With diarhea, I think I would be loosing weight." oh, I have Diverticulosis also, so that does not help... I need some serious input, Please?