... and ureter that was operated on in 2000 for a very weak stream and all the other symptoms we know so well.. Now in 2010 my doc freaked out a bit when he seen I scored VERY HIGH (very severe) on a quiz that showed I was very likely to have a large prostate. He did the test, even though I have no insurance. He did not even charge me too much and gave me samples of Flomax. After 3 weeks the stuff works, and I am eager to be able to afford the generic version due out this March, however I plan on avoiding the generic drug maker TEVA due to FDA issues with that company in the past over pain killers they make.. I hope others are careful with TEVA as well.

I read that in the drug maker's tests that 18% of men had fairly serious issues with their sex life, problems that were directly seen as bad side effects of taking FloMax. I have only read of a single other man like me, an older gentleman that got an increase in is sex drive after being put on this med.

Please allow me to explain in detail (not too gross): I am at that age that it seemed and I thought I was having issues with E.D.. I am divorced so this is a problem with any new relationship, and my doctor is of the old school and I can not see myself asking this man of God for Viagra or anything like it BECAUSE I AM NOT MARRIED and my doctor is old fashion on these matters, I need him on my side because he treats me the best of any doctor I have gone too. - Now get this- Ever since I started taking FloMax my issues with E.D. have gone away! My sexual drive has me feeling like I am 19 again!! Am I crazy? Even my sex drive is way up, for no other reason. All I can do is get porn as I do not have a girlfriend at this moment, but at this rate that may soon change! I only have read of one other man online like me. Most guys have negative issues having sex while taking Flomax, based on online comments. Yet I swear it has helped me.

I should add that my E.D. had something to do with what is known as a penile-fracture (laugh, everyone else does).It happens during sex, normally when weight is on top of a guy involved. A "penile-fracture" is just what it sounds like. It often happens during sex if things go wrong and a lot of weight ruptures the tiny places where the blood flow for a man to stay erect. Too many details are not needed, just google it for more info if interested. I should of gone to E.R. but did not realize how serious my accident was. Later in life E.D. became an issue. - Which brings me back to my point, somehow the active drug in Flomax has fixed my problem! I am so happy I want to scream out! It is a wonder med for me, because I realize there seem to be almost no other guys in my shoes, but I'm telling the truth- Flomax really did to me the opposite of what most men complain about.

I hope if any other men are like me that they will speak up here. I do not believe the drug makers nor doctors have ever heard of this drug having such a reaction, and I'm not about to tell my doctor until I get married!

Men on FloMax or the future generics, please post how it impacts your sex life, and your age. Nobody here will know you, so there is no need to be embarrassed. I really want to know if I am alone in this world as a guy 45 that has this positive outcome from taking Flomax. If I could only discover more men like me I would not feel so crazy, because this is not supposed to be how this drug works!! I almost feel like a freak of nature, but a happy one. Now maybe I can date again and someday re-marry.

Men, please share your thoughts here, kay? I'll be watching this thread.

My best to all of you.