I have taken numerous drugs: Tylenol, Aleve, Ibuprofen (up to 800 mgs), etc., and was even diagnosed with a case of rebound headache ultimately due to ergotamine toxicity (due to taking too much Migril). I was put on Pamelor and after a while things got better. I now get headaches a few times a week. Sometimes I get none, sometimes I get them 3-4 times a week at the most. I have been taking Fiorinal for my headaches for at least the last 5-6 years and find that it works best for me.

I moved from the US to Hong Kong sometime ago and canceled my medical insurance there so now obtaining Fiorinal is a bit more difficult. I cannot seem to locate this drug in Hong Kong. I visited a private hospital and after briefly explaining my history to the doctor, he immediately prescribed the following drugs:
- Tryptanol (amitriptyline) – 10MG / 1 Tablet twice daily
- Arcoxia (etoricoxib) – 60MG / 1 Tablet twice daily, if needed

He also tried to schedule a costly MRI which I do not think I need. If I visit private clinics and attempt to have my insurance eat the cost, I can’t really say that I’ve been suffering from headaches for so long as my insurance company will then deem this as a preexisting condition and deny any related claims.. or worse.

I notice amitriptyline (what the doctor prescribed) is the same class of drug as nortriptyline (what I was prescribed in the States previously). I have read online that nortriptyline is more effective and that it poses less side effects than amitriptyline. Can anyone provide me with more information? Is amitriptyline safe to take? It seems like it has many side effects. Also, it seemed like the other drug I was given is actually for arthritis. Has anyone been given this drug for tension headaches?

If anyone has any advice or suggestions – please let me know. I am also interested in knowing if Fiorinal is available in Hong Kong or outside the USA. If I get my new doctors in HK to write up a prescription, would I be able to fill it legally in the US or other markets?