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I am 58 + and suffering from both knee joint pain while sitting and standing. what should I do ?

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blaze22 4 Mar 2011

Speak with an M.D or your personal professional about the problem and he or she will be able to diagnose and may send you to an orthopedic surgeon for further review... Have you had any past injuries to that leg/knee... very sports oriented? If so have you favored that leg since? Are you a sufferer of arthritis, or joint stiffness? One of the best things you can take as a male, over the counter that many pharmacist's and doctors live by is glucosamine, this is a drug that is specifially formulated for these types of issues in older men and women, but supposedly more of the male population... I have known a many man that is over the age of 40 that swears by it... It is not cheap though and you have to follow bottle directions specifically...

Inactive 4 Mar 2011

Hi there Gamini Abeyratne it is my guess you have arthritis in both your knees ! if so there is a few things you can do.Firstly go to your doctor & request x rays of both knee's this therefore will either show if you do in fact have osteoarthritis ,if nothing shows on the x ray then you may have to get a ultrasound done which will show up if you have either Patella problem's ( check this on Internet for symptoms .The doctor may offer you to put injections of cortisone into the knee joints to settle down any information which can help.If you do have arthritis then he may put you on anti inflammatory drugs which will help !

Inactive 4 Mar 2011

Since you posted in Osteoarthritis I assume you have a doctors synopsis of what could be wrong. If it is indeed Osteoarthritis there are many different anti imflammatory prescribtions out there that may help you. You need to speak with your doctor & get his best opinion & have him prescribe the anti imflammatory drugs to take. You could also try physical therapy. They can give all kinds of exercises that can help. When mine flared so bad one time I went to physical therapy & my patella was placed improperly. The therapist taught me how to tape me patella in place! What a relief of pain that did. You have a lot of options. Are You overweight? That can make the pain worse because it's a weight bearing joint. So see, there are so many options depending on your exact condition. Knee pain is just to vague to try to properly help you. free discount card

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