... digest any food that is known to cause flatulence in most people, mainly cabbage, eggs, and pulses. If I eat any food that has a trace of lactose (as in most processed foods you will find for example milk powder). the result is major flatulence. Also, I move my bowels (stool) once every 3-4 days, although it is not because of constipation but rather a failure of the intestines to move the waste to the colon at a steady pace, so gravity is now an important factor. However, if I use a herbal tea (Royal) it helps me to "go" on a regular basis. My theory is that the walls of the intestines are coated with waste accumulated over the years and prevent the quick transportation of the stool and therefore a disproportionate amount of bacteria are feeding off the waste, thereby producing large amounts of (stinky) gases. One support of this theory is that my flatulence does not manifest itself immediately after eating food containing lactose or the other items mentioned above. It starts only after at least 12 hours have passed. Do you think this is a valid theory? I am thinking about doing a herbal colon cleansing. Does anyone have similar symptoms or have any other suggestions to combat this very embarrassing condition!