It all started when I got my ovaries removed and since then it has been a reoccuring problem. I've been on countless antibiotics and sometimes the infections have been so bad I have had to be treated by an IV and strong antibiotics to get rid of it. I've been tested for Kidney Stones. I've had an ultra sound and they have even scoped by bladder. They found nothing wrong with my bladder other than a little urine retention. It shows that I don't necessarily pea everything out when I go, and therefore it is recommended I drink lots. I take cranberry juice, pills, drink more, keep as clean as possible, careful about my bowel, and still they occur. I'm at a loss of how to defeat this problem. I've been on low does of antibiotics for a lengthy period of time and this seems to have elivated the problem a great deal. Any suggestions so I don't have to rely on antibiotics so much?