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Testosterone level is 239. What is better shots or gel. What is a pump?

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Studfinder 5 Jan 2012

There are beneifts to each method. First, the shots are "done in one", or if prescribed once a month, it's over in a few moments. However, you may pay for the injection time with the nurse. The gel allows you to spread it just as you want it, and the application is totally under your control. If prescribed once a day, you make certain you apply it. No one else need know. If you want to confine it to an area under your tee-shirt, only the tee-shirt will be exposed to it, until you wash it off. Some object the the alcohol smell of the drying gel. Others find it a turn on. In humid climates, drying of the gel may take a little longer, and sweating may re-activate the smell briefly. Daily application allows for a smoother, consistent T-level in the body. A shot spikes the level, when then falls off over time.
As for the pump, this is just another method of applying a gel, with a pre-measured amount. I have no experience with this, and cannot comment further. Perhaps someone else can share their experience.

DWLyle 19 Dec 2012

Over the past 20 years, I've tried both and have found the shots to be far more efficacious. The levels are higher with shots, libido, fatigue and depression are greatly improved. Sexual performance is better, in terms of erection, orgasm and erection. The gel has too many risks for me. Transfer problems are one, but absorption is another huge problem. Try the shots, perhaps 1cc every two weeks, and follow your levels via blood tests, often. Your level is very low. It should be between 300 and 1300. With shots, my level is 900 or so. Have a nurse show you exactly how to do the shots at home. Good luck, my friend!

DWLyle 19 Dec 2012

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