i have played contact sports all of my younger life , was involved in 5 car accidents , 1 pretty bad motorcycle accident where i impacted a brick wall at 55 mph ( i know the exact speed because a police officer was behind me with radar , at least that is what he told me . i know that i was going 80 when i saw the street end and my choice was go left or right ,out of the ? or lockem up and hit the house in front of me . ) i was lucky considering i was wearing a k-mart plastic football helmet instead of a regular motorcycle helmet . did not break a bone or really get a scratch but my right side was pretty sore. anyway i think you get the picture of how i lived my younger years.

Along the way i got hep-c and have had it now for about 15 yrs. also for the last 15 yrs have had back problems that have gotten worse as the years went by. i was on loratab 10/500 for years and got sick of taking pills and just decided to deal with the pain. well about a year ago it started getting so bad that just my body weight would start the agony . it got to the point where i wanted to strike out at co-workers or total strangers . went and got an mri done and it showed that from the bottom of my spine to the top of my neck there were herneated ( sorry bout the spelling .dont have the report in front of me ) and bulging disks throughout . was put on oxycodone hcl 2 30mg 4 x a day . that is what the dosage is now it started out less but due to the hep-c cannot take asprin and with my history what would normally knock a regular person out doesnt touch my pain that is why my doseage is high.

My question is, is oxycodone the same thing as oxycontin ? oh i have also tried hanging upside down, shots in my neck and back , and talked with 2 ortho surgens and they both said surgery would be 50-50 . i didnt like those odds . 50 % chance i would be better 50% i would be worse. the meds that i am on work fine , i can function just fine , i am just having a hard time having to know that i have to take pills all the time . oh i am 5 ft. 10 and 160 lbs so my body weight is not alot. any help would be appericiated, ty