my doctor put me on premarin, then i got the second shot a couple weeks early per my doctor, sept 9th, its like all the bleeding stopped, about 9 days ago i started spotting again. my next shot is due like nov 25 th or dec 1 cuz the dr likes every 12 wks. its not like it alot, cuz i can put in a tampon and wear it all day and hardly anything, but its so random, once in awhile maybe twice it was a little more, but not much. are these common complaints? and how long will it last? people tell me after the 3 shot it gets better yet. but my dr wants to try a biopsy to eliminate things. i have never had irregular bleeding before.
Before depro it got my period every 26 to 28 days just like clock work... and they were heavy the first day and then nothing for 3 days after...
please give me your opinion, and any and all help is welcome thank you