so severly that I was hospitalized until I moved to another state and changed my name so that he could not find me. I have severe pain so bad that I cant hold down a job for any lenght of time. The doctors here will only prescribe lortab and 800 mg motrin... I finally found a doctor that prescibed me ocycotin and roxy if I has break-through pain. My life was getting back to normal, i bought a house and a new car, i was actually enjoyinf life. And then one of his patients overdosed and he lost his license. Now I cannot find a pain clinic or a doctor that doesnt look at me like I am a street junkie when I tell them what helped me get my life back. I now have bleeding ulcers from the motrin and asprin that I have been taking. I never abused the medicine that the doctor gave me and was on a very low dose (20 mg of oxycotin 2x a day and 5 mg of roxy 3 times a day if needed - summer months I rarely took the roxy however they were great in the winter months). I understand that there are people who abuse these drugs but why do the ones who dont have to suffer - isnt there a way to test the levels of meds in a patient so that we all don's suffer. Any ideas on how I can find a good pain management doctor so that I can work and not lose my home