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I am 43 and my gyno wants me off of birth control pills and is suggesting Mirena. What do you think?

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pfcpremosgirl 21 Jun 2011

Well, I've had mine since 2007. This year is the first time I've had any problems. I couldn't find the strings. But an MRI showed it was still in place. When it comes out in 2012, I will have to have my cervix dilated to remove it, but I'm not too worried really. I don't have a period at all. It's the most convenient birth control for me and I love not having to think about it. I highly recommend it for any woman in a monogamous relationship who has already had at least one child. Plus I have high blood pressure, so the pill and other estrogen containing BC methods are just not right for me.

Kara592 28 Jun 2011

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