... increased over that course. My last surgery left me disabled I went from 100k marketing job to stuck @ home 24/7 for over a year lost my job & am on disability soon to get social security. I don’t drive due to pain & medication so my once beautiful home has turned into a nasty prison to me. My concern is I have been on 15mg Oxycodone 4x’s day , 20mg Oxycontin 2x’s , 5mg Valium @ bed time , & 50mg Lyrica 5x’s…. I have run out of the oxy’s many times way to soon & don’t know how or why & the week or weeks where was hell!!! I got many second opinions & many dr’s told me after the length of time I have been on pain meds they can have the opposite effects & cause pain that isn’t real. I have detoxed felt great mentally for once in long time but my pain was not manageable by any over the counter products or any other therapies I partake in. I am back on the meds but just 10mg oxycodone 3xs day, 20mg oxycontin 2x’s day & nothing else. I just recently found out my fusion was done wrong & the screws are to long & stick very far out the front of my spine cutting into my abdomen & all are dangerously against vital veins. I was in & out the ER for stomach pain & other weird issues before finally they found this out. I have no additions & no history in my family I was always out going active & very healthy. The pain management is a must but I feel it makes me even more down & inhibits all my ambitions & now with the must have 4th surgery I will most likely end up on more drugs again & maybe higher amounts again. I hate the ups & downs but cant live with this crippling pain & the euphoria has become a liking to my body but not my heart & brain…. Do I have any other options or must I live the rest of my young life forever a victim of the unwanted addition & the roller coaster of such powerful drugs that take me into an unwanted spiral??? Anyone With a Heat & good advice PLEASE!!!