... Am currently on cymbalta 60mg daily, mobic 15mg daily, zanaflex 2mg up to 3 times per day as needed. I was on cymbalta in the past,i was on it prior to my last pregnancy. My son turned 2 the end of august. After pregnancy due to breast feeding I was placed back on cymbalta, any who I have been back on it for about 3 months & I really do not see that it is helping me as far as the fibro pain. I do not want to try lyrica as it is known to cause major weight gain & I have read several negative things from people taking it. The zanaflex helps somewhat. I was on flexeril before, but it caused me to have day time sleepiness the next day that just would not go away. The mobic helps very little. Also after the birth of my last son, I started experiencing severe leg pains & severe back pain, also numbness & tingling in my arms & legs. Blood work was done, I was tested for ms which I did not have, a nerve test was done where I was poked with needles all over. The pain was so severe in my legs & back. I also often experienced my leg giving out while walking & actually falling several times. I feel I need different medicines to treat my condition. I also suffer from chronic fatigue & insomnia most of the time. I take restoril for sleep, sometimes it helps, sometimes it does not. I was just curious to know from other fibro sufferers, what they take, what has & has not helped, etc... Thanks. Please excuse any typos as I am typing one handed due to a hand injury..All comments, recommendations, experience will be very much appreciated!