... over the last two years. I am currently taking suboxone which I bought from a friend. I have become extremly addicted to narcotics and was having a hard time with withdrawls. The suboxone has been great! the issue I am having as that buying them off the street obviously means I do not have a full prescription! I took 4mg this am amd 4mg this afternoon after vomiting. I have 4mg for tomorrow and hopefully will be able to get a bit more for the next couple days. Here is my Dilema: I have to have a major operation in about three weeks. Part of the reaon I want off the pain med is so that post -op I will be able to achive optimal pain control with out huge doses of meds. Just a few weeks ago I was admitted and taking 4mg of dilauted q2hr. then sent home with oxys and dilayted. My surgeon and I are both concerned with post op pain control... sorry back to my dilema. Is there anyone out there that has used suboxone for short periods of times. if so what did you do? I need any help I can get! Thank you