... months now but i have a tendency of only taking it on days I have classes. I do not know if anyone experiences my loss of appetite like i do but i lets say take this dosage an hour before class hypothetically 8 a clock or earlier. But i wont be able to eat until 10 a clock at night for some reason. When i attempt to eat through the day ill feel nausea especially when forcing myself to eat. I realized that i become very tired starting from the afternoon until night time. I feel it has to do with the pill but at the same time because i am not eating. I feel if I am able to eat while on this pill ill be able to be more energetic to stay wake through the whole day. Is there any suggestions to anyone on concerta who has strategy's to eat while not having an appetite or anyone experiencing extreme tiredness around 4 to 10 a clock. I mean i skip dosages on days i dont have school because im nervous i wont be able to eat and i notice when i skip dosages ill be able to eat normally and more then usual. I must say though the pill has helped my concentration and focus in really good in lectures. But other than that i really wish i can find a way to eat so i can me less tired for my night classes please help if you can thank you everyone!!