I am being treated for adrenal fatigue and thyroid insufficiency. I have food allergies, and the lexapro allows me to eat more food without anxiety, or as much anxiety. I have had two pregnancies successfully with lexapro, I have lost two babies one on lexapro and one off at midterm, due to the anxiety and adrenal issues. I have three kids with food allergies and ADD, two of which could be attributed to lexapro I can see, one maybe seizure oriented, with spaciness. However, food allergy diet seems to assist them a lot. Am I running risks to be on five mg, or should I wean already, can I wait a month or two? I feel I am resting a lot easier and I have to basically be resting all the time with the adrenal fatigue. Can lexapro actually make adrenals worse, or is it true it is helping?