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I had a hysterectomy bout 10 years ago and one of my small incision scars open up?what can cause it?

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Stephen Treloar 22 Nov 2016

I have no real idea at all but believe it is imperative that you get it re-sutured; an open wound leading to your abdominal cavity just can't be healthy. I suspect that the tissue has just pulled apart under tension.
I only say this as I was just at the ER just last week and the injury was still bleeding today (day 6). I went back and saw the same two doctors and they explained that I probably got the wound in the worst possible place as they said it was one part of the body with the highest lateral skin tension and were discussing re suturing after the initial 2 weeks and replacing them with smaller stitches as they said it will just tear open otherwise. I suspect some weakness in the connective tissue within scar tissue tore due to unusual skin tension if that is possible. I can think of a few of the girls here who could answer better than I, so wait and see what other ideas surface beyond "SEE YOUR DOCTOR".

Good luck and take care.

Windchimes123 22 Nov 2016

Hi Glendas,
This is really bizarre !
Were you moving or carrying a heavy item?
Is it actively bleeding?
Do you have pain or a fever?

10 years a scar should be hardly noticeable.
You need to examine it closely. Does it look like an infected ingrown hair that may have gotten infected ?
There are no sutures at this point. They have all been absorbed but you do have a weakening of the wall due to the incision.
Get a magnifier mirror and a good light.
Really examine it !
Unless you are actively bleeding then it's ER time.
Please give us follow-up to this one!
:-) free discount card

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