... had 3feet of her colon removed pretty sure she had a stroke during surgery as well this cancer surgery was January 1st, the doctors said stop all meds for now??? We didn't pick up the stroke happening until about 6 weeks later doctors kept saying takes old (78) people longer to come out of surgery she was incomprehensive had aphasia she seemed to get a better almost normal mentally then She had her first chemo January 18 and two days later completely mumbling didn't know who anyone was that's when we took her to hospital and they picked up such a mini stroke they said shouldn't affect her at all... I asked them repeatedly check her thyroid they said it was fine she doesn't need medication just has high cholesterol and anemic n high blood pressure... her short term memory is still pretty bad no aphasia but she can go to the same store everyday and not remember she was there..her regular doctor just tested her thyroid Monday it's high and put her back on same thyroid medicine my question is there any possibility of that helping at all with her short term memory... I keep asking dr. If its dementia or Alzheimer's she just said let me test her thyroid first, I'm guessing she is thinking it is her thyroid is this possible is my question